Competition Services

Our competition services bring together an incredibly simple registration process and blazing-fast score keeping to help your competitions run smoothly and on time.

Competition Registration

In order to simplify competition registration we've migrated to a paper-less process. Competitors pre-register online before an event or use one of our provided laptops or tablets at an event. Competitors then need only pay and pick up their numbers at any time before their competitions begin. This creates less work registration staff, no paper work, and allows for discrepencies in requested competitions to be dealt with very quickly. Shorter lines and happier competitors.

Score Keeping

Our score keeping is one of the best in the business. We pride ourselves in fast scoring turn-around allowing for competitions to be run in rapid succession, translating to less waiting for competitions and more social dancing and classes for attendees.

We have experience and praise from some of the best chief judges in the swing dancing community and earn high praise from judges and competitors alike. We happily handle all post-event communication with point registries (like the WSDC) as well as provide all results online for competitors that may miss awards.

Registration Staff

On top of hiring a score keeper, we also provide trained staff to run your registration desks. While our system is easy enough to train volunteers, we've found that a well-trained and courteous staff go a long way to making sure the competition portion of your event runs smoothly.

In our years of working and attending events we know that careless volunteers can often reflect poorly on your event. We've seen a steady rise in competition participation and income year over year with our friendly and knowledgeable staff to help run your registration booth.

Other Related Services

A new feature of our computer-based registration is the ability to generate daily and cumulative competitor and accounting reports to help reconcile competition income and predict competition participation numbers. Never again will you have to sift through stacks of registration forms trying to accurately calculate expected and actual income.

As an optional free service, online pre-registration is available for your event. We do not collect money at this time, but collect names and competitions to help gain an early perspective on competition interest as well as allow attendees to skip over the first half of registration at an event.

We are currently working on paper-less judging as an option for the more tech-saavy judges. Armed with tablets, judges will be able to get updated competitor lists and submit instantaneous results requiring no data entry and incredibly fast competition turn arounds. Saving on paper and time for the bigger events where both tend to run out quickly.


Our team is located in Northern California and have no qualms about taking trips to dance, no matter how far away. We do not have a fixed price or a price chart at this time to help you estimate costs. The time of year, size of event, distance from home, and interest in destination all contribute heavily to expected costs.

Please note, that we do not provide our services or software without hiring at minimum the score keeper to be on premises.

If you are interested in our score keeping services for your event we'd love hear from you. Please contact us online with information about your event and we will provide you an options and estimates for your event.